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Having the right tool for the job is important, but having the right tool bag is just as critical. After all, choosing the best electrician tool bag should make you more efficient and make carrying tools less of a chore. 

But, choosing the best electrician tool bag can be daunting. We've broken down what we believe are the most important features that you should consider during your purchasing decision. Once you've finished reading, you'll know exactly the type of tool bag you need for your demanding job as a professional sparky.


Electrician tool bag size

How many tools do you need on a daily basis should be your starting point for determining your optimum tool bag size. For example, consider how many screwdrivers, crimpers & spanners along with your singular items like pliers & multimeter that you use on a regular basis and choose a bag accordingly. 

If maximum space is required, then consider the XXL Electricians Tool Bag which has total dimensions (including external pockets) of 640L x 270W x 310H. This is certainly big enough to keep even the most tool-hungry sparky satisfied. 

But, if you find yourself needing something that is more suitable for accessing those tight spaces, then perhaps the smaller Lockable Tool Bag is the perfect size for you with dimensions of 440L x 240W x 270H. 


When one size does NOT fit all

Some electricians are able to get away with one tool bag for everything. This is certainly ideal as you aren't then spreading your tools across multiple bags and re-arranging all the time. However, there are many situations where electricians can find themselves needing multiple bags. 

Let's take FIFO electricians as an example. We've had a lot of feedback from customers saying that they use the XXL Electricians Tool Bag to transport all of their tools to site. But, then they use the smaller Lockable Tool Bag as their primary day-to-day tool bag whilst on site. This means they aren't always carrying around every tool, every day. 

This is one of the main reasons we originally introduced our Sparky Combo Deal, which comes with the two different sized bags mentioned & a spanner roll. We recommend the Sparky Deal if you do find yourself needing multiple bags and you can also save yourself some money by getting the combo instead of purchasing individually. 



Let's face it, tool bags need to be able to take a beating. They are constantly under attack from the harsh Australian elements including scorching sun & pelting rain. Plus, they are constantly being pushed and prodded from the inside by tools. And then you have the weight load of your tools to consider. 


Will your electrician tool bag stand the test of time? 

Some key signs of a durable tool bag include construction with vinyl material that has the following properties: 

  • UV resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Rip/tear resistance
  • Fire retardant 

There are many cheap tool bags on the market that don't include the above qualities and simply cannot handle the heavy-duty requirements of professional electricians. You've probably seen a colleague or two with one of these. They are easy to spot as they are generally faded with numerous rips and tears.

However, what you can't easily spot is the damage that the elements have caused to current & previous tools. This can quickly turn a cheap tool bag into one that actually costs you a small fortune in replacement tools. 


Durability test holding a motorbike
You won't find this in the Australian Standards, but we enjoyed testing our tool bag against the weight of a motorbike



Just because a bag can hold a lot of weight, doesn't mean that you can comfortably carry it. We've found that electricians prefer to use adjustable shoulder straps as it allows them to keep their hands free and it's more comfortable than carrying by hand over longer distances. 

Our larger bags like the XXL Electrician also come with padding for the shoulder strap and heavy-duty D-rings to provide additional structural stability so you can carry more heavy tools for longer. 


Shoulder straps for easy access

Shoulder straps for easy access 



A key difference between a very useful tool bag to those that aren't so great often comes down to the little details. One such detail is the quality & design of internal & external pockets used for storage. Ideally, these pockets can make your time on-site much more efficient as you can quickly access & change tools. 

What you don't want to see is one big hole where you're supposed to store all of your tools. This is just going to mix up all of your tools and make it a nightmare every single time you need to swap tools. 

Look for specialist electrician tool bags that come with features such as tool loops, rails, numerous pockets, and ensure that it can open & close easily with velcro. 


Organizers for tools & paperwork

Multiple pockets for organizing tools & paperwork are very helpful


Tools visible at a glance

It's also very helpful if you can easily see inside your bag when it's open. This allows you to quickly glance into your bag to see if your tools are where they belong, or whether one is missing and you need to go searching the site for it. We've seen many bags that don't provide the structural support on the sides which forces the bag to collapse in on itself and you can no longer see your precious tools. 


Visible tools at all times
Visible tools at all times 


High Vis for easy finding

Many construction sites require workers to wear high vis for safety reasons as it's much easier to see someone. Whilst it isn't mandated that tool bags also need to be high vis, it's still a good idea as you'll be able to find your bag easier in low-light conditions and you'll be easier to see whilst carrying it.


High vis colors

High vis colors for safety & OH&S compliance



Do you need to be able to lock your bag to keep it safe from potential thieves or even coworkers that have a bad habit of borrowing, but not returning? If so, consider a bag that can be easily locked via a padlock connected to two zips.

For FIFO workers, this can provide the peace of mind needed during transit on those long flights as it removes the temptation from baggage handlers and other staff from helping themselves to your valuable tools.

If you value tool security, then consider either the XXL Electrician or the Lockable bags. 


Lockable Zips
 Lockable zips to prevent theft & 'unauthorized borrowing'


Built for electricians? 

It can also be very helpful to know the origins of the tool bag design. Is this just one of many tool bags that a product designer has decided will work for electricians? Even though this product designer has never even set foot on a construction site. 

Or,  has it been designed & built from the ground up by an experienced electrician because they could not find a tool bag that actually serviced the needs of professional electricians? This is what separates Tuff Tool Bags from many tool bag manufacturers and it's why we've been able to obtain such a loyal fan base. 



We all like a deal and prefer to pay the least amount possible. But, don't confuse a cheap up-front price with good value. Why? There are two main reasons. Firstly, if your cheap tool bag isn't built to last, then you'll likely be replacing them every year or so. Secondly, you should factor in tool security & replacement value if your tools get damaged, lost or stolen because the tool bag didn't adequately protect against these risks. 

You'll often find that buying one quality electricians tool bag will provide better lifetime value than purchasing several lower quality, but cheaper, tool bags. 


Wrapping up

We hope you now have a better understanding of what features many electricians look for when buying a new tool bag. If you're after one that ticks all of the boxes we've mentioned, then start your search with our range of tool bags for electricians or get in touch with any questions. 




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